Project “eLOS”



Intend: „Energetically locally optimized system for a low-emission building stock in Germany using digital twins“





Short description:

The aim of the research and development project is to develop heat pump systems in a regionally adaptable way using HiL testing methods and to integrate robust fault detection into the digital twin as early as the production stage. To this end, a method kit based on a digital twin is to be developed that can be used at the “end of production” as well as in the “field”. However, the method kit will not only be used to ensure product quality and detect faults, but will also contain an interface for independent efficiency assessment by the consumer. The aim is to increase the acceptance of heat pump technology, which will benefit the customer’s purchasing decision in the long term. At the same time, a guideline for the realistic assessment of efficiency values for improved communication with the customer is to be provided to the trade. Manufacturers of heat pumps are to be enabled to integrate digitalization strategies directly into the entire production and life cycle of the products and to derive new business models from this. The idea of regionalizing heat pumps should serve as a guideline for all work in the project.


Further information for journalists:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Seifert
Professorship for Building Energy Technology and Heat Supply
Tel.: +49 351 463-34909
Visitor Address: Helmholtzstraße 14 / 01069 Dresden

More information on the project: Website in preparation