Dr.-Ing. Martin Knorr

Dr.-Ing. Martin Knorr

TU Dresden

Associate Contributor of DZWi


Phone: +49 351 463-35256

E-Mail: martin.knorr@tu-dresden.de

Field of activity

Martin Knorr works on the evaluation of energy systems in various levels of detail, from the individual room temperature control system to basic concepts for energy supply for buildings and the air conditioning of electric vehicles. For this purpose, dynamic building and system simulation is used in addition to measurement studies. Increasingly, the analyses are driven by the challenges resulting from the changes in the energy supply structure and the digitalisation of building energy technology. This concerns, for example, the targeted use of renewable energies, the sector coupling of electricity and heat to relieve the transmission grids and increase the share of self-use or the use of intelligent control strategies.


Martin Knorr studied mechanical engineering at the TU Dresden, specialising in technical building systems. Since 2001 he has been a research assistant at the Institute for TGA and Thermodynamics / Institute for Energy Technology. In 2010 he received his doctorate with the topic "Functional, energetic and thermal-physiological evaluation of the intermittent operation of heating systems".